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LED Van Promotion: Take Your Film on a Mobile Journey with Sony Advertisement

Welcome to Sony Advertisement’s LED Van Promotion, an innovative and dynamic way to amplify the reach of your film. Under the guidance of owner Akshay Dilip Bendre & Sony Akshay Bendre, our LED Van Promotion service ensures that your film captures attention wherever it goes.

1. LED promotion.
2. LED size 12×8 fit.
3. Video Trailer, Songs & Audio Announcement.
4. 10 days.
5. With all printing, mounting, Driver, Diesel, Generator, JBL Sound &
Extra Boy.
6. Police, BMC, RTO Permission.
7. All Crowded Aria, Railway Stations, Huge Crowd Market, Front of
malls, Bus stands. Collages

Why Choose CCD Digital Screen Promotion with Sony Advertisement?

Mobility That Commands Attention
  • Break free from traditional static promotions. Our LED Van Promotion takes your film on a mobile journey, ensuring it reaches diverse audiences in various locations across India.
Strategic Locations Across India
  • Benefit from our all-over-India LED Van Promotion service that spans from metropolitan cities to remote towns.
  • Wherever your target audience is, our LED Van will be there, making your film visible to a wide and diverse audience.
Dynamic Content for Maximum Impact
  • Engage audiences with dynamic and attention-grabbing content displayed on the LED Van.
  • Our creative team ensures that your film’s essence is conveyed effectively, leaving a lasting impact on viewers.
Real-Time Interaction
  • Enhance audience interaction with real-time content updates and interactive features on the LED Van.
  • Keep your audience engaged and curious about your film as it travels through different locations.

Get Started with Sony Advertisement’s LED Van Promotion

Ready to take your film on a mobile journey that commands attention? Contact us today to explore how our LED Van Promotion service can enhance the visibility of your film and create a buzz wherever it goes.

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