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What service we offer ?

Film Promotion
  • Theatre Standees: Engage your audience right at the entrance with eye-catching standees strategically placed in cinemas.
  • Posters and Banners: Make a lasting impression with visually striking posters and banners that showcase your film in the best light.

Extend your reach across the nation with our all-encompassing film promotion services. From north to south, east to west, we ensure your film gets noticed everywhere.

LED Van Promotion

Harness the power of mobility with our LED Van Promotion services. Take your film to the streets and create a buzz in different locations, reaching diverse audiences effectively.

Mumbai/Delhi/Pune Metro Train Branding

Gain visibility among commuters with our metro train branding services in key metropolitan areas. From Mumbai to Delhi and Pune, we ensure your film captures the attention of urban audiences.

Mumbai Local Train Branding

Tap into the daily commute of millions with our Mumbai Local Train Branding. Your film will be prominently displayed, reaching a massive audience during their everyday travel.

CCD Digital Screen

Elevate your promotional strategy with CCD Digital Screen advertising. Leverage the captive audience at Cafe Coffee Day outlets to showcase your film with vibrant and captivating digital displays.

Bus Stop Branding

Welcome to our Bus Stop Branding Services, where we turn ordinary bus stops into powerful advertising platforms that capture attention and leave a lasting impression.We understand the significance of strategic outdoor advertising, and our Bus Stop Branding Services are designed to maximize visibility and impact.

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